What Makes On Q Financial unique?

Built for top producers, by top producers.

John Bergman, President and Owner of On Q Financial, founded the company in 2005 with a belief that the mortgage process could be simplified for both consumers and industry professionals by hiring the most experienced loan originators and providing them with the absolute best possible operational support and most competitive programs and pricing.

Previous to founding On Q, John was a top producing loan originator with average yearly loan production of 450 units and over $100 million in closed loan volume.

On Q Financial’s core belief in simplifying the mortgage process is what drives the company to constantly improve ways of removing the the friction points in marketing, origination, underwriting, funding and management.

In 2013, On Q Financial, Inc. funded $1.935 billion in loan volume, which is the result of striving for quality vs quantity. And even with 400 employees across 46 offices as of January 2014, On Q Financial still maintains a flat corporate structure where Mortgage Consultants have a personal relationship and direct access to top-level administration and department leaders.

Why should I consider joining On Q Financial?

You believe that your capacity for originating loans could significantly increase if your company simplified your mortgage process.

You are looking for a mortgage company that is believes in removing friction in your mortgage process by providing you with the best possible operational support, competitive programs and pricing, an open channel of communication to senior management and an in-house compliance and marketing department that worked together to protect and promote you.

You want to align yourself with a mortgage company that shares your insanely high expectations and drive to win, and will work for you to meet those common goals.

The Mortgage Consultants at On Q Financial are intense industry professionals who are respected by their team, clients, referral partners and colleagues for the high standards they strive for in business and life.

How does On Q Financial help me transition from my current company?

We truly understand the unique challenges facing high volume originators and teams when they transition to a new mortgage company. Previous to founding On Q, John Bergman was a top producing loan originator with average yearly loan production of 450 units and over $100 million in closed loan volume.

The On Q Financial Transition Team is designed to cater to needs of top producers, and we have Quick Start process down to a science including updating your past clients, moving new files through a special underwriting department, a four day quick start training to integrate your office with our technology and general support.

They are available to answer any questions you may have during the transition phase, and can help you get acquainted with the company quickly.

Who do I call to get things done?

On Q Financial was founded in 2005 by John Bergman with the vision of providing a simplified mortgage experience by hiring the best mortgage professionals in the industry and providing them the absolute best support, which reduces the need for multiple layers of management.

Our company is designed with a flat organizational structure, meaning you have the ability to discuss your needs on an ongoing basis with direct access to the top-level management team leaders in loan programs / secondary marketing, operations and administration.

On Q’s commitment to open communication and transparency is just another way we streamline our mortgage process.

How does On Q Financial help me compete for purchase business?

Real Estate Agents want to have confidence knowing that their preferred mortgage professional can offer a wide range of loan programs with competitive pricing that meet their buyers’ needs, and that their purchase transactions will close on time with the least amount of hassle.

On Q Financial is a Tier 1 Lender and direct Fannie / Freddie / Ginne seller, along with an impressive list of primary investors that provide a number of unique loan programs many smaller mortgage companies do not have access to.

We believe in hiring the most qualified and professional Operations staff so that you can rest assured your loan is being processed by the best in-house team who are guided by common common principles of speed, efficiency and communication.

In addition to operational support and an impressive matrix of loan programs and competitive pricing, On Q Financial has an in-house marketing team that is constantly crafting unique strategies to promote you and your agents.

How does On Q ensure my loans close on time?

We believe success starts from within and every employee plays an imperative role in closing loans. By hiring the most skilled and specialized underwriting staff we can be confident in knowing our loans are being taken care of throughout the entire life of the transaction.

On Q takes pride in hiring an experienced and capable Operations staff that take care of all of the details and keep you informed along the way to streamline transaction completion. Our focus is closing loans on time and we work together to make it happen.

We have the support you need to grow your business through different specialized departments, including in-housing underwriting, decentralized processing at the branch level, scenario and product experts you can contact.

Can I win in the rate game with On Q Financial?

Knowing you can offer your borrowers the most competitive rates out there can increase your confidence by leaps and bounds. With On Q’s extensive access of the market our Mortgage Consultants enjoy knowing they can offer some of the best products with the most competitive rates out there.

We provide our mortgage consultants with the Optimal Blue pricing engine, which is an award winning technology solution that streamlines the product / eligibility selection and rate lock process. Optimal Blue is the provides the best execution for all banked loans, guidelines for all investors and a Rate Watch function for all deals in your database.

Technology aside, On Q Financial’s positive history of excellent volume of quality loans with limited trailing baggage has earned us preferred pricing status within the secondary market.

How can I get help on program guidelines?

On Q Financial provides an interactive Scenario Desk to help with any question our Mortgage Consultants may have from A to Z. From products and programs to the complexities of underwriting, our team is here to support our sales staff throughout the life of the transaction.

Not only does out Scenarios Desk listen, but they respond quickly to Mortgage Consultants’ questions as they’re out in the field closing loans. Having a dedicated team of professionals behind you, supporting you along the way is vital to your business.

We also have a special committee composed of various staff members from different departments committed to developing and implementing the mortgage products you need most. We are open to listening to your market’s needs to better support your growth and sales.

What niche products does On Q Financial have to help me compete?

We have an ever-growing niche product line that includes over 23 national investors, providing an extensive array of loan options to help you close more loans for borrowers.
Our Jumbo Liaison, Renovation Loan Specialists and knowledgeable Condo Team have the understanding and niche-specific expertise necessary to guarantee an efficient and stress-free loan process, as well as provide education and marketing materials to help you grow your business.

What type of marketing support does On Q Financial provide?

Having a marketing team devoted to your success is an essential part of driving your business. We believe your focus should be on closing loans while your company maintains and grows your marketing efforts.

On Q Financial has a dedicated in-house marketing department that goes above and beyond to provide marketing support from setting up new social media profiles and building custom personally branded websites to designing niche program or open house flyers.

How does On Q help me market to my database?

Staying in constant contact with your referral partners, borrowers and pre-qualified clients can be the most efficient way to stay ahead of the game.

Through a well-orchestrated borrower and referral partner relationship management campaign, On Q Financial mixes integrated technology, social media, personally branded mortgage blogs and print media designed around continuous touch points with your databases in order to make sure you’re front and center in their minds.

Is On Q’s Compliance Department for or against me?

We believe that a competent and responsive Compliance Department is of the utmost importance in maintaining a firm’s integrity and reputation while providing its Mortgage Consultants safe guidelines to follow for marketing and client communication.

Our Compliance Department is dedicated to working with our originators to enable their success by helping them navigate the complex regulations that tend to paralyze the marketing efforts of most other mortgage companies.

How does On Q help me build and promote my online presence?

Keeping with On Q’s theme of focusing on You vs the company, we build all of our Mortgage Consultants their own adaptable website with a special and uniquely executed emphasis placed on branding them as the local trusted expert.

A content rich online mortgage resource you can be proud of and confident in that includes, multiple photos and videos of you is the foundation of building a successful online presence.

We start each Mortgage Consultant out with an individual “Personal Branding” session to craft a personalized online outreach strategy that is tailored to your specific marketing and branding goals, Internet comfort, commitment and current online activity.

You can choose from a basic “Done For You” model where we handle everything through our in-house marketing team, or step it up towards our advanced programs that include a full social media and blog syndication, personal FAQ videos, online reviews campaign or a custom strategy for gaining more exposure on the top real estate portals such as Zillow and Trulia.

With new versions and upgrades constantly rolling out, our websites are customized specifically to you as we help you build your brand, and can include different elements such as video and photo sessions, blogging, content updates and free Search Engine Optimization.

We understand the importance of local search engine visibility and work hard to improve the prominence of your personalized website during online searches by potential customers and referral partners.

One of the benefits of a comprehensive and interactive online marketing campaign that is executed at the central level by our in-house marketing team is that our Mortgage Consultants consistently rank on the first page of Google with our free SEO help.

And the fact that we take responsibility at the corporate level for most or all of the grunt work and need for technical skill, compliance restraints are minimized which allows our Mortgage Consultants to have a more aggressive online approach than most other lenders are comfortable allowing their loan originators build their business with.

The Marketing team at On Q gives you access to regularly updated blogs that can keep your websites visible and relevant. You can use these blogs as material for your social media presence and drive even more people to your website.

Does On Q help me generate leads online?

Organically, the personally branded websites given to all of On Q’s Mortgage Consultants are locally optimized for search engine traffic with over 60 pages of content designed to appeal to potential borrowers searching for popular loan products and mortgage topics in your area using the internet.

We will also work with you individually on advanced online marketing strategies that could include targeted Facebook ads and posts, PPC and custom landing pages, email lists and video syndication.

The best part is that these leads will come directly to you either via phone or email so that you can be the first responder to ensure higher conversion results.