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Why Realtors Choose On Q Financial, LLC

On Q Financial, LLC is offering a simplified process that benefits your client and your business.

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The On Q Financial, LLC Mortgage Process Makes A Difference

The ambition to make the dream of homeownership more inclusive is what started our company. The statement is so important it’s written in our offices across America, and we even have a twenty-foot mural of the motto painted in the breakroom at our headquarters. The phrase benefits as a reminder of not only the dream we have but also the people we serve. Our passion is to simplify the mortgage process for our clients. That means that every day we embrace technology and change, and with each connection we make we add value.

From pre-approval to closing, our patented technology simplifies the process. Our mobile app Simplicity allows clients to be pre-approved within seconds. We also offer e-closing options, e-disclosures, and keep you updated with regular emails and notifications. In addition, with On Q Financial, LLC you have More ways to say yes. Our product range accommodates almost any borrower, so you can offer more opportunities and fewer rejections. Leadership that listens is critical if you want happy employees, and that’s why On Q Financial, LLC is an amazing place to work. The cherry on top is that with On Q Financial, LLC Gives Back, you know your business is making a positive impact in the community.

The Buyer Journey Starts Off Easier

Simplicity is where our process begins. The technology in this app is designed to create a simpler mortgage experience. The mobile application allows borrowers to share assets in less than 60 seconds. In fact, you can pre-approve clients right from an open house.

Upfront pre-approvals right from your phone means less time to the closing table. With so much more time for extracurricular activities, you could probably learn a new hobby. Avoid the time commitment of other lenders and get started today.

In addition to the ease of use, the Simplicity app offers co-branding opportunities for realtors. We understand that origination is a collaborative effort here at On Q Financial, LLC. That is why we provide co-branded marketing materials such as flyers, social posts, and articles. When it comes to co-branding strategy and examples, we’ve got you covered. Partnering with us means you have a team of experts ready to help. After all, origination is what we excel at.

Additionally, to keep up with multiple offers, the customer can update Simplicity at any time. As their application is processed, borrowers are notified live about the status of their loan through Simplicity as well. However, if the borrower prefers to be notified, we communicate directly with them, so you never have to inquire about the status of the loan.

Communication is integral to our process because we believe that understanding the important documents that are part of loan creation empowers families to navigate home loans with a new level of trust, understanding, and security. Our borrowers have many options; everything from loan products to type of experience can be customized to fit your client’s needs. Beyond the standard milestone updates, we offer personalized service that allows them to be involved as little or as much as they want. We understand that our clients aren’t cookie-cutter; they are real people with unique demands.

Transparent Costs

We are a Lender with Transparent Costs

On Q Financial, LLC is known for delivering competitive pricing that is always fair to consumers. Our Mortgage Consultants are able to offer expert advice on the market and all the financing options available to a borrower. Any question you can think of they will have an answer. In addition, they’ll equip your client with information about discount points, interest rates, and closings costs. No borrower wants to be surprised with extra costs near their closing day. When it comes to a financial commitment like this, you should be fully aware of the price involved. That’s why On Q Financial, LLC offers more knowledge for consumers.

Lock Your Rate

Lock Your Rate When You Accept the Offer

After you’ve signed the purchase agreement, it’s time for you to start the application process. Our team will order an appraisal right away and begin organizing the loan file. With our early lock option, your client is able to lock in their rate immediately. There is also a choice to lock with a “float down” option. Whether it’s immediately after you sign the purchase agreement or later on, On Q Financial, LLC offers lock opportunities that are flexible based on your client’s needs.

Outstanding Loan Options

Consult With Experts about Outstanding Loan Options

On Q Financial, LLC offers more options for homebuyers. We carry vanilla loan options as well as products that are more complicated. We are dedicated to our mission of creating more opportunities for homeownership, so we offer National and State Down Payment Assistance programs. There are options for conforming and non-conforming loan limits as well as low down payment. We are constantly adding more products to our selection though, so be sure to check back for more opportunity.

We support our team member’s growth and success. That is exactly why we have the most outstanding team in the industry. At the center of our business is our team, and at the center of their day is the borrower.

Your customer is the most important thing. That’s why we invest in expertise that is unmatched. We will be able to find you the best deal possible. We can advise on any question you or your borrower might have, from homeowners insurance to low down payment options. We believe that your team determines your business quality, and that’s why we hire industry-leading experts whose vision aligns with ours.

Not only do we personify reliability and transparency, but we move fast while we do it. From the beginning of the process to the end, we are diligent with our loan files. Dedicated teams will handle each phase of the approval process. Our team dedicated to disclosures will be issuing all the documentation that each borrower needs to review before moving forward with the process. A team of processors and underwriters will assess the loan file and request any additional documentation that may be necessary to close the loan. Within our organization, we encourage collaboration and innovation. That’s why we’ve automated our application and origination process. With On Q Financial, LLC you can always count on your client’s disclosures being sent out quickly and accurately.

In House Funding You Can Trust

Realtors Need In-House Funding They Can Trust

We are reliable because all of our loan applications are handled in house. This means expert and timely service, which leads to an on-time closing. That is a simple fact. Our process does away with the smoke and mirrors that other lenders offer.  We take pride in our work, so it’s only natural that we are consistent and transparent.

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Our Reputation among Realtors

Ask our current partners what they think about On Q Financial, LLC. We’re confident that our reputation will speak for itself. The reason that our partnerships with Homebird and others have led to such success is our philosophy and our team members. We are trying to cultivate relationships that add value.

The Community Impact

As a reflection of our mission to be the best independent mortgage banker in the industry, we’ve created On Q Financial, LLC Gives Back and The Dream is Inclusive Scholarship. This is our way of helping those in our communities that are most in need.

It is our deep belief that The Dream is Inclusive™. Whether it’s through sponsoring charity events or rallying for company-wide supply drives, we are constantly placing On Q Financial, LLC Gives Back at the top of our priorities. Read more about how we’re affecting charities across the U.S.

When you do business with On Q Financial, LLC, you know that you are making a difference. If you want an easier solution to origination with a mortgage lender you can trust, reach out to us today. Together we can have a positive impact in the community.

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On Q Financial, LLC Stands Above the Rest

At On Q Financial, LLC, we know it’s essential that your partners offer all of the benefits listed above and also stand out amongst the other top lenders. We believe we are the best in the industry and are not afraid to prove it. We invite you to compare us and other leading industry lenders side by side to see exactly why our ratings are so high.

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