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Wholesale and Non-Delegated – Lock and Shop NOW Available!

Effective April 19, 2022

On Q Financial, Inc. is pleased to announce that effective today, April 19, 2022, customers will have the option to lock a TBD property address.

Lock and Shop will be available with On Q Financial, Inc. as a 60, 75, or 90 day upfront lock period under the following requirements/ parameters:

  • 60 Day: Zero adjustment to price
  • 75* Day: -0.25 adjustment to 60 day price
  • 90* Day: -0.50 adjustment to 60 day price
  • Loan must be conditionally approved prior to lock
  • Purchase Contract is required within 30 days of lock
  • Initial Disclosure required at time of lock

When locking in TPO connect select the new Lock and Shop drop down under the property information to lock a TBD address and populate the 75 & 90 day lock options.

* 75 and 90 day lock periods are only available with Lock and Shop program.

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