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The Dream of Homeownership Continues!

You’ve found your Dream Home, so what’s next? These articles will teach you how to make the most of your home with topics from purchasing a second home to refinancing.

Make the Most of Your Experience

Learn the skills to make you a confident and responsible homeowner. You’ll find most everything you need as an experienced homebuyer.
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The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

Our ultimate guide to home maintenance can help you tackle some of your biggest challenges. Let’s get to work!
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Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

Paying off your mortgage early can be a huge financial relief. Learn how to weigh important factors like penalties and “equity jail”.
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Determine Your Home's Worth

Whether you’re selling your home, preparing for tax season, or making a generous donation, knowing the fair market value of your property can be important.
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How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Adding value to your home does not have to cost a lot. Find unique ways to increase the value of your house in our complete guide.

Should I Buy a Second Home?

Buying a second home is an exciting event! You’ll have the fun of shopping for a new home while bolstering your investments and laying the foundation for a more secure future. It’s important to balance that excitement with practicality.
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Realtor Fees and Commissions

Find out what goes into realtor commissions and fees and learn strategies to reduce them. Negotiating a lower rate can offer substantial savings.

Should I Take Out a Second Mortgage

Tapping into equity is a way to fund an expensive project, but there are several factors to consider before moving forward.
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How to Save Your Home

Financial hardship does not automatically result in foreclosure. There are several ways to avoid foreclosure and keep the home, even when a borrower is struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments.

How Much Will I Need to Read?

Each article will provide valuable information that will build on the rest of the guide’s knowledge, but feel free to jump around and read what interests you most. As an experienced homebuyer, how much of this guide you need will be up to you! Our goal is to provide you with most everything you need to be the best homeowner you can be.