Did you catch the recent news article about the retired military veteran who was ordered to take down the small American flag flying in front of his mobile home because it was “against park regulations?”

Makes you think, doesn’t it? A veteran flies the flag and people actually object to it? Is flying the flag—a treasured and time-honored tradition—now frowned upon in America? Or approaching the question from the standpoint of the brave vet above, is patriotism as healthy as ever?

We support the latter view—patriotism is alive and well. Recent research studies show that, perhaps boosted by the surge of nationalism after 9/11, people still feel as good about their country as ever. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.

That’s one reason On Q Financial has decided to join a fast-growing grass roots program called Red Shirt Fridays. It only makes sense considering that we work with many mortgage-seeking veterans and active duty personnel every year. So if you happen to stop by one of our offices as we roll out the program, you’re likely to see members of our staff proudly wearing red shirts.

Nationwide, thousands of workers in all types of businesses have elected to do the same.

Why the color red? It’s an acronym for “Remember Everyone Deployed.”

Wearing red is our way of telling our troops they’re not alone. If you’ve ever been in the service 10,000 miles away from home on a major holiday (or even just across the state or country), you know how good it feels to know the folks back home are thinking about you and supporting you.

It’s not at all political—it’s patriotic. That’s something people sometimes misunderstand. Patriotism is more than a flag flying over a football stadium or 50,000 fans singing the national anthem. It’s more than school kids reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Patriotism is doing small things that have potentially big impact.

It’s commemorating our fathers, spouses, siblings and children who have stepped up to the plate, have served their country and have returned to society. It’s also remembering those who stood up to serve and sacrificed everything so the rest of us could live free.

For our dime, Red Shirt Fridays are what America’s all about.