Spot Must-Have Home Good Deals This Black Friday

Are you anxious to get started on your holiday shopping? Well, you can get your Black Friday started early this year with home deals at Walmart, Target, and Home Depot, all starting from November 4th!

With more retailers rolling out deals throughout November and Black Friday around the corner, it can get a bit overwhelming to track everything that’s on sale. So whether you are prepping for Christmas, splurging for yourself, or looking to upgrade your home, we’ve put together some fantastic home goods deals you may want to watch!

Make Your House Smart

Even older homes could use a modern touch. “Smart” amenities tend to increase your home’s value, especially when it comes to younger buyers. Not to mention many of these upgrades make your life easier or more comfortable and can even save on energy costs! Or maybe you like the peace of mind that comes with having extra security. Here are a few items you should keep on your list this season.

Faux Fireplace

Faux fireplaces are trendy at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. They are safer than gas heaters or actual fireplaces and provide an excellent ambiance. With prices ranging from $100-700, you can likely find one within your price range. A deal around $100 is one you’ll want to watch. This Walmart deal features a reasonable price!

Electronic Doorbell

Ring doorbell cameras have become a lot more common in recent years. These doorbells are easy to install and make a big difference for home security. You can watch your home from your phone while away and record any strange occurrences. Ring is not the only brand, either. You can find doorbell cameras from $50-250. We recommend looking for a sale of 30% or higher on these products.

Smart Thermostat

Increasingly fluctuating weather has taken a toll on homeowner’s energy bills. However, many have adopted the use of smart thermostats to combat rising energy costs. Smart thermostats allow you to control your home’s temperature based on your usage. Rather than just scheduling time away while traditional thermostats, smart thermostats have sensors to detect which room you are in and change based on where you need the most temperature control. Typically priced at $100-500, this is one product that can pay for itself with your electricity savings! For smart thermostats, you’ll want to look for deals of 40% or more off the purchase price. Home Depot currently has a deal on Smart Color Programmable Thermostat with an $80 rebate.

Brand New TV

Television technology improves almost every year! If your TV is more than a few years old, it may be time to upgrade or maybe add one to another room. With 4k displays and smart features becoming standard, even bargain TVs are likely to be better than your old set. If you find a sale knocking off $200-300, you may want to take advantage. Most retailers will offer incredible savings this time of year but may also offer to deliver and mount your television as part of the sale. Both Target and Amazon have some great TVs at a great price right now!

Get More Organized at Home

Upgrading your home is not just about fancy gadgets. Home organization is likely just as important. Marie Kondo’s storage and organization tips are all the rage at the moment, and taking advantage of deals to implement your own organization solutions may free up some space for all those gifts you’ll be receiving!

Storage Shelving

We all have those boxes sitting around that we’ve meant to store properly for years but never get around to it. This holiday season, it may be a good idea to finally purchase some storage shelving. Though shelves can be expensive depending on brand and quality, you can usually find great sets within $90-500. Home Depot offers some great deals to start.

Entertainment Center

An entertainment center can be one of your home’s crucial pieces as it is usually the core of your living room. Often doubling as a storage hub, they house all of your devices and technology. Black Friday is a great time to look for deals on these pieces, with costs ranging from $100-1000. You may even be able to check off two items on this list if you look hard enough!

Upgrade Your Office

With so many people working from home, the season of savings may be just the right time to upgrade your home office. Take advantage of these deals to surprise someone you know who is working from home or upgrade your space to improve your productivity and health!

Buy an Ergonomic Chair

Let’s face it; you have an intimate relationship with your work chair. If the relationship has become a bit taxing on your back, it might be time to upgrade! Look for something that aligns with your back and provides ample support. While high-end ergonomic chairs can go for as much as $600, you can find some inexpensive chairs in a much more reasonable range. For chairs, you’ll want to see a 30%or more discount. The MyoChair is quite popular and is currently on sale!

Add Lift To Your Desk

If you’re tired of sitting all day and are looking to change it up, Black Friday deals are an excellent opportunity to purchase a standing desk or conversion kit. Contrary to what you might think, these kits are surprisingly affordable, with some as low as $90! While you won’t see too many discounts on these products, a discount above 20% is a must buy. If you are a Costco member, you might take advantage of this deal for the airLIFT Pro Pneumatic Desk Riser.

Get a Corner Desk

Maybe a permanent or space-conscious desk is more your style. Upcoming deals may be your chance to trade up to something higher quality. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot, though, since you can find some quality desks from $100-700. Getting over 25% on a desk would be a great deal, but if you’re looking for affordable desks, you can’t go wrong with Office Depot’s options.

Revamp Home Décor and Furniture

Sometimes you need an update to your surroundings. Revamping the appearance of your home and decor may be what you need to make a home feel like yours. The season of savings is a great time to stock up on new furnishings, or even small items like couch covers, or new curtains can make a big difference, but perhaps the best place to start is the bedroom.

Modernize Your Mattress

You don’t need to buy a new mattress to get the benefits of better sleep. Mattress toppers are a great way to transform your sleep affordably. Gel memory foam toppers with cooling features are surprisingly affordable, although we all know that quality rest is priceless! Toppers cost between $80-200 and make great gifts. 20% off or more on mattress toppers is a good deal. Home Depot currently has a great deal on a memory foam mattress topper.

Step up Your Wall Décor

Adding a pop of color to a dull room is a great way to express yourself. Wall decor can give your home personality, and you can find pieces for as low as $40. In terms of discounts, you should expect to see savings between 15-25%. The trick is finding something you love at the right price! If floral patterns are your thing, Home Depot has a beautiful flower mural as part of their Black Friday savings event.

Bathroom Enhancements

Simple fixtures or hardware enhancements can make a huge difference. Keep an eye out for inexpensive improvements that you can easily do yourself. Of course, if you’re looking for a drastic change, Walmart is offering a $1000 rollback on a luxury bath! This is one deal you don’t see very often. Or if you want to purchase something that your furry friends can use, the Barkbath Dog Bath and Grooming System is currently 47% off on Amazon.

When Are Black Friday Deals Released?

Every retailer has a different schedule for their deals, but we’ve gathered the start dates for some of the best retailers for home goods here.

  • Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are releasing new deals each week, so check in often.
  • Home Depot is running Black Friday Deals all season long. Just click on their Black Friday Savings link from their Home Page.
  • Macy’s allows you to access most specials as early as November 16th, though they currently have some deals.

Most retailers will be open on Black Friday early. However, we recommend you shop online this year.

Should I Shop In-Store or Online

2020 has thrown a lot of curveballs into people’s plans. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, and the safest thing to do is stay home. Luckily, most retailers are aware and have made almost all of their sales available online through their websites. Although the tradition of Black Friday being in-store deals and Cyber Monday being online deals, this year, we see a lot of overlap.

What’s the Difference Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Besides being two different days of the week, Cyber Monday has traditionally been exclusively online deals. These are deals that are NOT offered in stores. Black Friday has bled into the weekend leading up to Cyber Monday in recent years, and we can expect this year to be similar since more people will be shopping online. Be sure to set your alarms if you see any deals you want to grab. Supplies may not last!

We hope you have found our guide useful and have helped you decide what to add to improve your home this season. If you did, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more helpful home tips and resources. From all of us at On Q Financial, Inc., we wish you safe Black Friday shopping!

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