6 Fun Activities for Covid Halloween Safety

Covid-19 has impacted so much of our lives this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy Halloween safely! We’ve put together a list of fun activities that will make you feel the spooky season spirit while staying safe. We based these activities on recommendations by the CDC. Check out their article for a full guide on staying safe this Halloween.

Find Unique Face Masks

Perhaps the most obvious suggestion is employing the use of some spooky face masks! We all should be wearing face masks in public already, so why not find some particularly creepy masks for Halloween? Alternatively, you could buy blank face masks and use your creativity and imagination to turn it into the perfect complement to your costume!
Virtual Halloween Party

If there are any positives from the pandemic, our embracing of virtual communication is likely one of them. You’ve put together the perfect costume this year, and nothing is going to stop you from sharing it with the world! So, a safe and convenient solution is to invite your friends and family to a Virtual Halloween Party! Complete with a costume contest and maybe a Netflix Watch Party of your favorite scary movie, an online get-together with friends might be the perfect way to spend your Hallow’s Eve!

Set up a Treat Station

Trick-or-treating is perhaps one of the trickier aspects of Halloween to do safely. Having countless strangers come to your door to receive candy or, from the other perspective, receiving candy from someone else comes with a risk of exposure this year. However, there are ways to do this safely. Setting up an outdoor treat station with prepackaged treats is a great way to participate while maintaining a 6-foot distance. Just be sure to monitor your treat haul to make sure everyone only takes one!

Carve Pumpkins or Make Crafts

If leaving your home is not appealing to you, but you still want to get into the Halloween spirit, carving pumpkins, baking spooky treats, or starting a craft project is a great solution! If you have a quarantine bubble, this is a great way to get together with others and still be able to maintain social-distancing. You may want to do your carving outdoors anyway since those pumpkin guts can be a pain to clean up inside!

Attend Outdoor Haunts like Corn Mazes

While staying in your home is the safest option, we recognize that some need to be immersed in that spine-tingling atmosphere for it to feel like Halloween. For those fear-seekers, outdoor haunts will be their best bet. You should also look for haunts that are following CDC guidelines like group limits and proper face masks. Sorry, your latex clown mask won’t cut it when it comes to COVID-19! If you’re in a rural area, corn mazes are a fantastic option as you can maintain your distance, and you are not in a tight indoor space with others. You really can’t get more frightening than that!

Put on a Home Drive-In Movie

One of the best ways to celebrate Halloween this year is to put on a home Drive-In theater! If you’ve got a projector and a blank wall or even a large white sheet, watching a horror movie outdoors on your lawn or in your driveway can really get you in the spirit! You could also invite others in your neighborhood, provided they stay in their cars. It’s a great way to build a relationship with your community despite the global pandemic.

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*This material is provided for information and educational purposes only.