How On Q Financial, LLC is Helping the Homeless by Giving Back in 2022

Over the coming year, On Q Financial, LLC will donate $100,000 towards Phoenix Children’s Hospital Homeless Youth Outreach Program. The first collaboration will be a fundraising event on Giving Tuesday (November 30th), during which On Q Financial, LLC will match all donations up to $25,000.

The Life-Changing Impact of the Phoenix Children’s Foundation

Phoenix Children’s Hospital offers the most comprehensive pediatric care services in the Southwest region, providing a full range of services dedicated to children, including homeless youth. On Q Financial, LLC believes shelter to be a basic necessity, and as a mortgage lender, we have a calling to assist communities who struggle to obtain this basic need. By partnering with Phoenix Children’s Hospital to benefit their Homeless Youth Outreach Program, we can help support this community in a way that aligns with our core values. Our humble donation will benefit every aspect of the HYO program, including Phoenix Children’s mobile unit, the Crews’n Healthmobile, which provides on-site medical services throughout the Phoenix streets.

Why Should Charitable Mortgage Lenders Donate

In a commitment to aligning profits and purpose, On Q Financial, LLC has stepped up to give vital support through four giving pillars: military, scholarships, homelessness, natural disasters. We believe these causes to be especially relevant to our vision of homeownership for all. Through partnerships, such as with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, we are committed to taking a more active role in ensuring shelter security for the communities in which we serve.

How You Can Help

On Q Financial, LLC is thrilled to support such an honorable program, but we can’t do it alone. We seek to help Phoenix Children’s Hospital bring attention to their important work supporting those in need in the Phoenix area and encourage others to donate what they can to ensure that work continues. Using the QR code on your right or button below, you can donate directly to the Homeless Youth Outreach program and help bring essential medical services to the communities that need them most.
PCH QR code to donate

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