On Q Hosts Donation for Charity Organization Umom

On Friday July 12th,  On Q Financial, Inc. teamed up with UMom, a special organization that serves a diverse population of homeless families through shelter programs, to host a luncheon baby shower. The donation event was focused around employees charitably giving various items for infants, which ranged from diapers to clothing. The lunch and event were a huge success, as many employees attended, hands full with gifts and donations.

Sharon Pederson, the representative from UMom, was surprised at the number of employees that came to the event, and was giddy at how generous these individuals were in their donating efforts.  UMom’s support services give families ready accessible tools they need to rebuild their lives right on their 7.2 acre main campus.

How You Can Help

Here at On Q, we are delighted as well as grateful to be able to help families in need throughout the state of Arizona. If you would like to join the greater force to help individuals in need, you can contact Sharon Pederson at pedsaz@gmail.com , or make a tax-deductible financial contribution at www.umom.org.



About the Author

Before opening On Q Financial in 2005, John Bergman originated and funded 450 units a year as a loan officer. He founded the company with just $1M of personal life savings—committed to his vision for building the best independent mortgage organization in the industry.

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