Simplify Your Mortgage Process, Increase Volume

About OnQ

Your important decision to consider joining the team at On Q Financial boils down to whether or not we share similar core values and goals.

On Q Financial is an Excellent Decision for you if:

  1. You believe that your capacity for originating loans could significantly increase if your company simplified your mortgage process.
  2. You are looking for a mortgage company that believes in removing friction in your mortgage process by providing you with the best possible operational support, competitive programs and pricing, an open channel of communication to senior management and an in-house compliance and marketing department that work together to protect and promote you.
  3. You want to align yourself with a mortgage company that shares your high expectations and drive to win, and will work for you to meet those common goals.

A Unique Mortgage Company Dedicated To The Top 1%

The Mortgage Consultants at On Q Financial are intense industry professionals who are respected by their team, clients, referral partners and colleagues for the high standards they strive for in business and life.

On Q Financial is driven to meet the high expectations our Mortgage Consultants hold for our company by hiring the best possible support staff who strive for their own higher standards in customer service, communication, efficiency and following through.

How We Help Our Mortgage Consultants Achieve More

We are fully aware of the fact that the company’s success depends on your ability to generate and close mortgage loans, which is why On Q’s theme is about building “You” vs us.

6 Ways We Help You Win

  • Flat Corporate Structure
    We believe experienced mortgage professionals do not need several layers of management to hold them back. Our company is designed with a streamlined communication flow where Mortgage Consultants have direct access to Top-Level administrators. Speed and efficiency resolves issues quickly and reduces costs.
  • Central Operations & Support
    Senior management, department leaders, underwriting, compliance and marketing are located together at the corporate office in Scottsdale, Arizona to ensure continuity in our company’s culture, vision and goals. With a massive underwriting center under one roof, we can streamline the approval and funding process by staffing up on assistants to underwriters, funders and processing.
  • Competitive Programs & Pricing
    On Q Financial is a Tier 1 Lender and direct Fannie / Freddie / Ginne seller, along with an impressive list of primary investors that provide a number of unique loan programs many smaller mortgage companies do not have access to including Non QM loans. On Q Financial’s positive history of excellent volume of quality loans with limited trailing baggage has earned us preferred pricing status within the secondary market, which gives our Mortgage Consultants better rates to compete with.
  • Scenario Desk
    We have a Scenario Desk staffed with an expert who is available to help you work through any loan question or scenario you might have. From loan programs to navigating underwriting, the Scenario Desk is a simple phone call away.
  • Marketing You
    Keeping with On Q’s theme of focusing on You vs the company, we build all of our Mortgage Consultants their own adaptable website with a special and uniquely executed emphasis placed on branding them as the local trusted expert. A content rich online mortgage resource you can be proud of and confident in that includes, multiple photos and videos of you is the foundation of building a successful online presence.
  • Branding You
    We know your clients want to deal with You, not a big company. So we help you put your best foot forward with personalized websites, blogs, social media campaigns, database marketing and local SEO.

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