Where do you sit with home ownership? Is your mortgage the best it can be? Are you still renting, paying someone else’s mortgage instead of reaping the rewards of calling home a place of your own?

Let’s look at some hard numbers which might help change your perspective.

The Time is Now

The recent rate increase was the first from the Fed in seven years and it wasn’t a spontaneous decision. Highly-esteemed financial experts reviewed employment statistics, housing projections, rates of inflation, energy costs and other year-to-year indicators of economic stabilization. The waiting is over. Cautious optimism is here.

According to CoreLogic®, we can expect an average home price appreciation of 5.3 percent over the next 12 months. Weigh that housing appreciation projection against the anticipated (per Freddie Mac) overall 1 point rate increase for 2016 and waiting to make a move defies logic.

The Cost of Wait

What does waiting cost you month-to-month? Disposable income. Can anyone afford to lose surplus money that could be put towards saving or spending?

To further illustrate the cost of waiting, consider the following example:

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A better rate can lead to: lower monthly payments, less financial stress, and retirement within reach.

John Bergman, President of On Q Financial, Inc. reiterates, “It would be better to lock in a low guaranteed payment now versus risking a higher future monthly debt obligation, if you took no action at all.”

The time to take a proactive step in home ownership is now.  Ask a seasoned Mortgage Consultant about a wide array of loan options that are right for you.