It’s coming. Tax Day is a few short months away, and while some of you are dreading going to your accountant (or your mom; we don’t judge) for help filing, others may already be filing those returns and getting those refund checks!


Tax Day is Monday, April 15th, as if we didn’t need another reason to dread a Monday. Extensions and all that jazz are available if you need them, but if you have money coming back to you from dear ol’ Uncle Sam, you might wanna get on that return! Once you get your return, though, what you plan to do with it deserves a little bit of extra thought.


If your refund is burning a hole in your pocket, you may be working on some great ideas of how to spend it! But before you go running off to spend your newfound cash on a road trip, shopping spree, or the motorcycle you’ve been eyeing, slow down just a second and make sure there’s nothing else you might want to do with that money…


You can use the money to pay off some debts or sock that money away in savings for some big purchase… like say, a new home! While down payment assistance programs are available, you may still have closing costs or other fees to pay when you buy a home, so the more you have saved, the easier your journey home will be!


Depending on the sales price of the home, and in conjunction with certain programs, it could be more than you need to get into a home. Imagine having a tax refund, getting into a home, and having some of the tax refund left over. It’s possible. The best first step is to speak with an On Q Mortgage Consultant in a neighborhood near you.