Glistening stars twinkled above, just as the night’s events would allow some of today’s and tomorrow’s youth to shine. Our community raised over 50K at the 6th Annual Weekend Jetaway benefiting the Challenge Foundation. This organization breaks the cycle of poverty through educational opportunities and support. It was a night of fun, excitement, and hope.

The Event

A dice game marks Weekend Jetaway. Consisting of three rounds participants must roll a seven or eleven to advance on the first two matches. Then the lucky few who make it to the third round need to roll the highest number. Some give their dice a little blow for good luck while others throw one die at a time. The spirit of the game comes alive as each player steps up to make their next roll. Groups formed and new friendships made. Enthusiastic fists reach for the sky as a few continue to the next round. Then only the select finalists are left.

A hush goes over the crowd; the final round begins. “Who’s the most pumped?” Cheers heard through Aneesh’s mic from the Morning Mess. One woman smiles, raises her hand, and saunters over to make her roll. It’s an eleven! She’s blown away. Many more finalists go, four, nine, snake-eyes, five, ten, and the first woman begins to look more elated. Then one man also rolls an eleven and another! A fourth-round emerges as there is a three-way tie!

“Ladies first,” announces Aneesh. The woman rolls a ten! The other two men go but were not able to best her roll. First calmness washes over the winner of a trip for four to Vegas on a private jet. Thunderous applause breakers her out of a daze as her feet leave the floor and her whole group is hugging, jumping, and smiling.

It truly was a night of giving. A new friendship was formed by two women as they both found out they made it into the final round. They agreed if either of them won the trip, they would take the other. It just so happens one of those women did win and plans to take her new friend.

Weekend Jetaway 2017

2017 Weekend Jetaway Winning Roll! Congrats!

The Benefactor

Red shirts sprinkled the crowd as the kids from the Challenge Foundation helped welcome the guests to the event. Ranging from fifth grade to seniors in high school these students receive support. Most kids get help for their education and some for their livelihood. The Challenge Foundation doesn’t provide your typical scholarship program. Instead, they offer children and their families support to give these future scholars their best chance. Whether it’s helping with medical bills, paying for braces, helping with piano lessons, providing mentorship, or summer camp opportunities, the Challenge Foundation is enriching lives.

Challenge Foundation

Challenge Foundation kids with Live 101.5’s The Morning Mess.

The Entertainment

Patrons of the Weekend Jetaway were dazzled by some Cirque du Soleil acro-yoga performers. Their ears first greeted with the energizing strums of Kat V, famous violinist and DJ. There was even a photo booth so event goers could take their memories with them. Of course, the evening wouldn’t be complete without some celebrity MCs, Live 101.5’s Morning Mess showed their support. And to top off the night, world-famous DJ Afrojack headlined the after-party.

All in all the 6th Annual Weekend Jetaway was a huge success. Thank you to all of our sponsors, as well as those who donated or matched those generous donations. We were happy to be a part of this event and to make a positive difference for a great organization like the Challenge Foundation.

Thank you, again, and we’ll see you next year!