Sr. Mortgage Consultant
NMLS# 565697
State License: SC MLO-565697

I'm Jim Coley, and I have close to 40 years experience in the mortgage and real estate industries. I've assisted hundreds of families seeking to buy their first home, move up to a larger home, buy a vacation home or invest in properties. I love what I do, which is why I'm still doing it! I stay hands on for the duration of my clients' cases, because I feel a loyalty to my customers and the success of their mortgage process. I have many return customers for that reason. Please call me for any assistance I can offer with your home purchase or refinance. I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

I truly understand that purchasing a home can be a stressful time for anyone, and I do my best to minimize your stress. I am always available for my referral sources and customers when they have questions about their transaction.

I became a licensed Realtor in 1978 and migrated over to mortgage banking in 1990. I fully understand the Realtor's point of view in a sales transaction, and this is, in part, why I have focused on purchase transactions and Realtor referral sources. The keys to my success as a mortgage consultant are communication and accessibility. When I meet with Realtors, I tell them to look for the mobile number on a mortgage consultant's business card. If it's not there, they should throw it away. Much of the home buying process occurs outside of regular office hours. I pride myself on being available to my clients and their Realtors during the evenings, on weekends and even while on vacation.

I pulled a tour of duty with the Marines, and I still hold myself to the values and expectations that were driven into me during that time of my life. I live in Taylors, South Carolina with my wife, two cats and one dog. My wife and I enjoy playing golf on occasion. Collecting vintage vinyl music is my stress reliever. There is something about the old music being played on an actual turntable with a few pops and cracks that I find soothing.