Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

How can we repay those who have given everything? Every day, the men and women of our armed forces put their lives on the line to protect our country and our livelihood. We would like to say “thank you” and remember those who have fallen.

At On Q, we show our support for those who have dedicated their lives—helping veterans and those in active duty, along with their families, achieve the dream of home-ownership. After traveling for years, especially outside the country, it’s beautiful to have a house that’s yours to call home.

Together, we honor everyone who has served or is serving from our company-wide RED (Remembering Everyone Deployed) shirt Fridays to our fundraising and volunteer efforts throughout the country.

1. Serving through Serviceserving va pensacola team    Team Pensacola, from left to right: Marlana Combs, Jason Weber, James Coleman

At On Q, we are proud to serve our active duty soldiers and veterans to help them obtain the homes that they deserve. In fact, many of our employees are veterans themselves. Among them is North Carolina Mortgage Consultant Elizabeth Harris, who also has many family members who have served our country.

“As a military veteran I feel that it was a privilege of a lifetime to answer a call to duty to serve in the greatest Military in the world and my feelings of patriotism and pride continue to this day…It is a great honor for me to be able to continue to serve, but this time as a Mortgage Consultant and veteran I am serving my fellow brothers and sisters in arms and their families to achieve the dream of home-ownership.”

Veteran Jason Weber, On Q’s branch manager out of Pensacola, FL, understands how critical the home loan journey is in someone’s life.

“The greatest satisfaction of my career in the mortgage industry has been to help other military men and women with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. Military families can face unique challenges when purchasing a home.  At On Q we understand the needs of our active military and veteran customers, and we take pride in the opportunity to serve those who serve our country.”

Weber’s clients attest to his commitment, explaining that like most veterans using a VA loan for the first time, they had no clue where to start. However, after the client’s realtor recommended Weber to help with their home loan, he found the process to be simple. Weber was always accessible and very accommodating from the first step all the way to the closing table.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at our types of home loans and service level at On Q. From our fundraising to our red shirt Fridays, the On Q family takes pride in finding ways to thank those who have served.

2. Off Qpenfed lee williamson serving From left to right: Lee Williamson, Terry Johnson, and Neal Johnson at the PenFed Foundation Gala

We are a proud supporter of Jared Allen’s Home for Wounded Warriors which builds homes for those injured serving our country. Last November, we partnered with AXA Advisors to host the “Jetaway Event.” Together, we raised upwards of $75,000, with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity. This year, our goal is to raise over $100,000.

On Q is also pleased to support the PenFed Foundation, which sponsors and provides care for our injured soldiers. Earlier this month, our Senior Vice President of Business Development Lee Williamson, along with Melbourne’s Mortgage Consultant Neal Johnson and wife Terry, represented On Q at the PenFed Foundation Gala. Raising nearly $1.5 million dollars—all of the proceeds benefit 35,000+ veterans and active duty members, as well as their families.

Our passion for our military is celebrated year round. Last December, WE took the funds that would have gone toward our annual holiday party, and donated them to charitable organizations instead. One being the Children of Fallen Heroes (CFH), brought to our attention by Lauren Boger, our branch manager in Jacksonville, NC. They focus on helping the family members of those who have given their lives in Fire, Police, EMT and Military services. Through camps, outings, and educational initiatives, CFH is dedicated to helping heal the families of heroes.

3. We.  Wear.  Red.on q wear red corporate serving

We are fortunate to have veterans working alongside us in our corporate office. Brian Scott, a quality assurance closer at On Q, dedicated himself to our country when he joined the U.S. Marines in 1979.

“When a man or woman volunteers to serve in the armed forces it shows just how much they love our country and are willing to defend it no matter what…I am proud to be a veteran of our great country as well as an employee of On Q Financial. Our company is just a small part of giving back but it makes me proud to be a part of it.”

As Scott states, On Q is devoted to showing our support in any we can. Each week, our offices take part in “RED (Remembering Everyone Deployed) Shirt Fridays.” Employees across the country wear their red On Q t-shirts to show support of our soldiers and veterans. John Bergman, our President, started this seemingly simple gesture as a way to show our military that we stand with and are thankful for them.


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