On Q Financial is a fresh force in the mortgage industry. With a mission now 15 years in the making, On Q’s CEO John Bergman set out to simplify the mortgage process and to make the dream of home ownership a reality for everyone. John Bergman and his team, headquartered in Tempe, AZ, feel passionately about this mission and decided to commission a state of the art mural to be showcased at their corporate headquarters as a permanent reminder that the dream of home ownership is inclusive. Watch the video to learn how you can order your own copy for FREE today!

Video Transcription

Happy Holidays Everyone,

I wanted to show you a piece of art that we’ve created. It’s a dream of home ownership is inclusive mural. Randall Hedden worked with myself to create the vision for this mural. It’s a huge mural at our headquarters break room. It really encaptures the joy of home ownership and how much it makes people happy and makes their life better in so many ways; having a roof over your head that’s yours. Here in the mural you have the different homes across the country; the northwest style homes, the southwest style homes, the Midwest style homes, on throughout the rest of the country; here’s the southeast; and you have all different types of people because the dream is inclusive. All ages, all races; kids playing soccer. And I’d like to share this through the industry. So if you’re, especially if you’re a builder or if you’re a real estate office, this is a framed piece that cost the company about a hundred and fifty dollars; the mural itself took about three months to paint by Randall. We’d love to give you a free copy of this to display in your office. I think it’s great for everyone for business and it really brings people in and it invited them to work with you as a real estate company or to work with you as a builder. Thanks for your time and again, have a great day. Happy holidays.

If you would like to have a FREE copy for your lobby, please email Erin Dueck, Erin.Dueck@OnQFinancial.com, and we would be happy to send that over to you. Thanks so much and have a great day!

“The Dream Is Inclusive” Scholarship

On Q Financial, Inc. is partnering with scholarship provider, Unigo, to launch their Dream is Inclusive Scholarship to support high school graduates and college students. The scholarship will award 3 separate applicants, $1,500 to use for the school of their choice.

On Q’s Mission is to simplify the mortgage process to make the dream of home ownership a reality – for everyone. Achieving our dreams brings us happiness, a sense of accomplishment, and deep satisfaction. We believe The Dream is Inclusive™. We’re committed to you – every one of you!

For those interested, please visit onqfinancial.com/scholarship to learn more about the scholarship and apply.