Nationally Recognized Mortgage Lender, On Q Financial, Inc.., Closes First Ever Completely Virtually

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Tempe, Ariz.) – Earlier today, On Q Financial, Inc., fully executed the lender’s first-ever entirely digital and remote closing. By leveraging the newest technology in remote online notarized solutions and two-way audio-video technology, On Q Financial, Inc. answered the call to provide enhanced digital experiences while social distancing.

While On Q Financial has offered hybrid closings for years—combining online document submission and automated verification processes with in person signings—today’s climate of stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions, created an absolute urgency to find a new, completely remote, entirely secure solution: E-Closing.

“Beginning with serving families during these unprecedented times, and meeting future needs of our clients unable to attend an in-person closing, the applications of our new E-Close solution are quite literally endless,” said John Bergman President and CEO. “The vision is to continue to challenge outdated mortgage industry standards and innovate beyond the paperwork, files, and slow processes, bringing a new level of homeownership accessibility to everyone.”

Over the last few years, On Q has developed a robust portfolio of tech-forward solutions including Mortgage Simplified, designed to automate the most archaic part of the mortgage process—the collection of documents to verify borrower assets, income, and employment. Mortgage Simplified makes for a simpler process, quicker approvals, and less hassle by helping families complete their journey to home ownership as much as 10 days faster.

“While the mortgage industry is busy chasing the future, we’re once again shaping the future,” added Nick Suwanvichit, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development. “Our technology is light years ahead of the mortgage industry. We’re committed to becoming the best mortgage lender in the industry by retiring the patterns and traditions ingrained in the industry.”

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About On Q Financial, Inc.

On Q Financial, Inc.’s passion is to simplify the mortgage process to make the dream of home ownership a reality. The Dream is INCLUSIVE. There is nothing like the joy, comfort, and security that comes from owning a home and On Q Financial, Inc. takes great pride in knowing they helped over 10,000 families achieve the dream last year. As a top 50 mortgage lender with over 550 employees and 70 locations, On Q Financial, Inc. brings Mortgages Simplified nationwide. With innovative technology, an inclusive platform, and cutting-edge services and products, On Q Financial, Inc. has all of the ingredients to make the home mortgage process simpler, faster, and stronger.