Completely Contact-Free. E-Close Your Home Loan from Wherever You Are Social Distancing.

On Q Financial, Inc. is proud to introduce our early-to-market E-Close. Our newest solution is answering a very real problem for consumers currently affected by COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. We’re projecting to hit a minimum of 35 E-Close loans within the next two months.

If you’re interested in closing your new home purchase using our exclusive E-Close format, contact On Q Financial today.

Staying Ahead and Flattening the Curve with Home Loan E-Closing

When the COVID-19 pandemic put the world on pause, it completely turned the homebuying industry on its head.  A process reliant on face to face interactions and physical in-person signing of documents became suddenly unrealistic.  Even a simple mortgage refinance became risky.

While On Q Financial, Inc. has offered hybrid closings for years, combining online document submission and automated verification processes with in-person signings, it became absolutely urgent to find a new, completely remote, solution: E-closing. While not all consumers are willing to purchase sight unseen, we recognize we need to meet potential borrowers where they’re at for loan closing, which is home.

How Can Contact-Free E-Closing Help You During the Pandemic?

In the current COVID-19 climate, many consumers are being asked to stay at home to support public health efforts. Those consumers seeking funding for their home purchases are looking for safe ways to do so. E-Closings are the epitome of social distancing, going one step beyond hybrid closings and allowing loans to close completely contact-free.

The Benefits of E-Closing

  • Completely Contact-Free
  • Close Remotely Wherever You Are
  • Secure Document Signing
  • Automated Verification
  • Up-To-Date Communication
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Travel
  • Successfully Purchase Your Home During Pandemic

A Homebuyer Stuck In Costa Rica During COVID-19 Completes a Home Loan E-Close

At On Q Financial, Inc., we believe the dream of homeownership should be a reality for everyone. But what happens when that dream is interrupted by, let’s say, a global pandemic? That is exactly what happened to an On Q Financial, Inc. borrower when the coronavirus restricted their travel back to the US from Costa Rica. Using early-to-market technology, we made their dream a reality by E-Closing their loan completely online.

Just as the coronavirus began changing our daily habits and social distancing became our new normal, On Q Financial had been moving through the steps of the refinancing process with a new borrower. As it was with most of us, this borrower suddenly found himself unable to visit anyone in person. In this particular case, the borrower found himself stuck in Costa Rica, unable to travel back to the US. The borrower started to fear that completing the home refinance would now be impossible. Luckily for the borrower, at On Q Financial, Inc., we don’t give up that easily.

Staying true to our mission to make the dream of homeownership a reality for everyone, we did everything we could to find a new solution to this new problem. Through diligent research and the utilization of brand new technologies, we’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve successfully conducted our first-ever completely online loan refinancing with our borrower stuck in Costa Rica. Using early-to-market technology, we’ve been able to make the dream of homeownership a reality by E-Closing this borrower’s loan refinancing completely online from his current place in Costa Rica.

Is an E-Close a Perfect Fit for You?

Our early-to-market E-Close is solving a very real problem for consumers currently affected by COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. If you find yourself practicing social distancing, as many of us are, and you are simultaneously needing to get moving on a home loan, an E-Close solution from On Q Financial might be right for you.

If you’re interested in new home purchases and converting using our exclusive E-Close format, contact On Q Financial today.

Qualifiers are needed. Not all transactions and geographic locations are supported.  Technology requirements for computer/camera/internet also apply. This is not an offer for extension of credit or a commitment to lend.