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Politics & Economics: How they affect the Housing Market

Since President Trump won the election, mortgage rates have increased due to the awaited economic stimulus. The Dow Jones Industrial […]

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5 Steps to Having Plants in the House All Winter Long

Decorating with Plants Indoors The New Year has greeted us with a lot of winter storms. While the wonderland continues […]

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Mortgage Insurance 101

Let’s talk mortgage insurance. Navigating the world of home buying may seem like a labyrinth. With all the different loan […]

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Should You Buy a Big or Small House?

Is a big house always better? Not always, especially when it comes to home buying. In actuality, it may be […]

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5 Tips to Help You with Your Home Inspection

Prepare yourself for your upcoming home inspection with these 5 helpful tips! One of the biggest life decisions a person will […]

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