7 Free Home Apps You Need to Download

Simplicity by On Q Financial

Now, we may be biased on this pick, but the amount of time and stress you will save by using Simplicity by On Q Financial will speak for itself. The app allows you to upload all of your documents with the built-in scanner feature or through full integration on your iPhone or Android device, giving you a one-stop-shop for your loan docs. No more rifling through your files or emails! You can also track your mortgage through the app, so you never have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Most importantly, Simplicity by On Q Financial lets you stay in contact with your mortgage consultant whenever you need to by providing all of their contact info as well as allowing you to start a text conversation right from the app. Our goal is to make your mortgage process simple, and the Simplicity by On Q Financial app is our way of simplifying it even more!

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Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced homebuyer looking for your next investment, Zillow is a must-have! It allows you to quickly get an idea for the market that interests you, save searches and get alerts, and even connect with local real estate agents directly through the app. Even if you are not in the market, Zillow gives you real-time estimates for your home’s value and allows you to track the property values in your neighborhood, so you are always ready to sell or refinance whenever you need to!

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Google Home

Contrary to what you might think, Google Home isn’t only for Google products. It allows you to add and control various devices right from the same app! Google Home even lets you connect devices that you’ve already connected to other apps without having to go through the entire setup process again. The Google Home app supports almost any smart product you can think of, from thermostats to wifi sockets to your home’s lighting. If peace of mind is essential to you, you can rest easy knowing Google’s secure service protects your devices like cameras or smart locks. Plus, you can even monitor tech usage through Google Home’s Digital Wellbeing features. For the best and most versatile smart home automation available on both iPhone and Android, you really can’t beat Google Home!

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If you’ve ever tried finding a reputable contractor on your own, you know just how stressful it can be. Consider HomeAdvisor your personal assistant when it comes to tracking projects on your home. Keeping all of our plans and schedules organized in one place is invaluable. It not only allows you to find the best contractors in your area, but it also lets you communicate and pay through the app itself, maximizing convenience and security. With video chat available, too, you can feel safe hiring someone for your next project through the HomeAdvisor app.

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Magicplan is excellent for older homes or homes for which you do not have drawn up plans or schematics. The app lets you quickly and effortlessly make a floorplan of your home using AR technology and your phone’s camera to measure walls, doors, ceilings, and windows! Once the base floor plan is generated, you can easily adjust for accuracy or new additions or features. The best part is that you can click on 3D and see a 3D model of your home once your blueprint is complete! Having a home plan like this is incredibly useful for planning any remodels or even finding the best location for furniture!

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Redfin is a home hunting app similar to Zillow, but there are some crucial differences. With the increased need for social distancing, Redfin has made it easy to self-tour or virtually tour homes to minimize contact with others. It even allows video chats with local real estate agents so that you can keep in touch without leaving home. If you are shopping for a home but are concerned about social distancing, Redfin will have the most to offer for you!

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Apartments.com Rentals

At On Q Financial, Inc., we believe that homeownership should be a possibility for everyone, but we recognize that not everyone WANTS to own a home. So for those permanent renters, Apartments.com’s Rentals app will be incredibly useful. Not only does the app feature the most rentals, but its extensive search features also let you find exactly the right home for you. Best of all, you can apply for rentals right from the app in a lot of cases. That means no having to drive to a location to pick up or drop off an application. With 3D floor plan models and video tours, Apartments.com Rentals has everything you need to find your next rental home!

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