10 Most Affordable Places to Live in Pennsylvania

Whether you are interested in outdoor hiking, adventure sports, arts, or history, Pennsylvania has something to offer everyone. If you are looking to move to the Keystone state and purchase a home on a budget, we have the guide for you! Using census and Zillow data, we compared cheap places to live all over Pennsylvania, and using AreaVibes Livability scores, determined the best ones!


With only 1,000 residents, Republic has one of the lowest populations and cost of living in Pennsylvania. This small city on the outskirts of Pittsburgh has available housing for as little as $40k. A small piece of Fayette County, this rural town lies just south of Pittsburgh. Despite its small size, Republic offers an attractive downtown area as well as plenty of outdoor activities. Major industries for the city are manufacturing and food services.

Oil City

Oil City sits less than an hour from Cleveland, with a population of 10,000. The industrial town offers an average housing cost of $58k. With public parks like Hassan Park and the Oil City Marina and an active Arts and Culture Commission, this historic area of Pennsylvania offers an excellent quality of life! The economy is primarily driven by health care and manufacturing, but with easy access to the big city, a commute is not out of the question.


Located in Eastern Pennsylvania, this area has an average home cost of $81k. Although it is the seat of Schuylkill County, Pottsville has a population of only 13,000. Pottsville has access to three state parks, including the Appalachian Trail and seven campgrounds, making this a prime location for avid campers and hikers. The city itself lies just along the Schuylkill River, hinting at Pottsville’s founding history. Healthcare and retail are primary drivers for the city’s economy though it does have a long history of coal mining.


Greenville is only a short distance from Cincinnati on the western border of Pennsylvania. Located in Mercer County, the average cost of a home in Greenville is $91k. While the town may not be large, with only 5,700 residents, the community is vital. Greenville boasts quality schools and one of the best colleges in Pennsylvania, according to U.S. News. Along with other cities on this list, Greenville owes its economy to the manufacturing and healthcare industries.


Down town image with statue in front


House prices in Vandergrift range a bit wider than some others on this list, but the average is still economical for Pennsylvania at $100k. Located northeast of Pittsburgh, Vandergrift was initially established in advance for Apollo Iron and Steel employees. The streets were paved with lights and other utilities installed in preparation. Lots were then sold to employees for them to build their homes. Today, the city remains as it was back then since it has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places! With good schools and low crime, Vandergrift is a great place to raise a family. The most common occupations for the city are in manufacturing and retail.

West Mifflin

Homes in West Mifflin cost, on average, $119k. One of the larger cities on this list with a population of 20,075, West Mifflin was originally named after Thomas Mifflin, the first governor of Pennsylvania. Aside from a rich history, West Mifflin offers residents community events year-round. With some of the lowest prices on housing and the cost of living lower than most cities in Pennsylvania, West Mifflin’s location just outside of Pittsburgh makes it one of the best places to live!


At an average of $105k, Warren is one of the cheapest places to live in Pennsylvania. Along with nearby historical sites, the small town provides plenty of outdoor recreation. Warren has more of a small-town feel than others on this list, with only 9,000 residents and regular farmers markets. As the county seat of Warren County, it sits on the border of New York and the largest industries for the area are retail and health services.

New Brighton

Just 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, homes in New Brighton cost, on average, $117k. Located on the Beaver River, the population of 12,000 have plenty to do in New Brighton, from farmers’ markets to beautiful parks and museums. With a cost of living that is 15% lower than the national average and a livability score of 81 from AreaVibes, New Brighton is one of the best, cheaper places to live in Pennsylvania. While manufacturing is still an essential part of the economy, the largest sector for employment is health services.

Beaver Falls

Just across the Beaver River from New Brighton, Beaver Falls homes have an average cost of $149k. Originally known as Brighton, this small city has a big heart and boasts some of the country’s best weather! The friendly community on the border of Ohio is popular with retirees and those fond of small-town living. The lower cost of living makes this one of the cheapest places to live in Pennsylvania!


As the most expensive city on this list, Swissvale tops the charts at $172k, on average, for a home. A suburb of Pittsburgh, Swissvale, has a short commute to the big city while avoiding the big city hassle. Swissvale is world-famous for its manufacturing and industrial history, like many places in Pennsylvania. However, it also sports a vibrant nightlife and quaint restaurants like Rivers of Steel: Carrie Blast Furnaces National Historic Landmark and Scene 75 Entertainment Center. While more expensive than the rest of the list, it is still one of the most affordable places to live in the Keystone State.

In Conclusion

The Keystone State was one of the first to enter the union, and because of that, Pennsylvania has a lot of history and natural beauty to offer its residents. Historical landmarks dot the cities on this list, along with parks and outdoor recreation. If you are considering a move or buying a new home, get in touch with one of our On Q Financial, LLC Mortgage Consultants.

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