On Q’s Twelve-Week Moving Checklist

You’ve bought your dream home and it’s perfect! It has curb appeal, plenty of storage, and that breakfast nook you’ve always wanted.

Now you just have to move in! If you just cringed, you’re not alone. Whether it’s your first move or tenth, moving can be daunting and stressful!

Organizing, packing, changing your address, cleaning your old home…it’s not fun. To help you stay sane during this process, I’ve developed this twelve-week moving checklist to help guide you to a successful move!

Three Months

  • Label boxes by room and contents
  • Begin packing non-essential items
  • Create an inventory list of items and box contents, including serial numbers of major items – use this as an opportunity to update your home inventory
  • Separate valuable items to transport yourself – label as DO NOT MOVE

Two Months

  • Schedule disconnection/connection of utilities at the old and new place
  • Plan your moving method (truck rental, hiring movers, etc.) and get cost estimates
  • Notify your insurance and credit card companies about a change of address
  • Plan how you will move vehicles, plants, pets, and valuables

One Month

  • Try and use up perishable food
  • Schedule cancellation of services for your old place such as newspaper, house cleaning, lawn, pool, or water delivery services
  • Continue cleaning the house as you are packing

2-4 Days Before Move-In

  • Confirm all moving details and that you have the necessary paperwork
  • Find useful things for your children to do – involve them as much as possible
  • Make a schedule or action plan for the day of the move
  • Pack a bag for water bottles, pen/paper, snacks, documents, and essentials
  • Make sure essential tools are handy (screwdrivers, wrench, pliers, tape, etc.)

If you’re still looking for your dream home and need financing, you or are all moved in but need to refinance, contact an On Q Financial Mortgage Consultant for assistance.

About the Author

Before opening On Q Financial in 2005, John Bergman originated and funded 450 units a year as a loan officer. He founded the company with just $1M of personal life savings—committed to his vision for building the best independent mortgage organization in the industry.

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