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10 Most Affordable Places to Live in Texas

Texas has something for everyone. The Lone Star State has big sprawling cities and friendly small towns, along with just about any outdoor activity you can imagine. What's more, it has lots of affordable places to live. Here are the 10 best: Apply Today Progreso A...

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10 Most Affordable Places to Live in North Carolina

With so many amazing career opportunities and a wide array of outdoor activities, it's no wonder that North Carolina is constantly among the top 10 most populated states. However, with a higher population comes higher living costs. But don’t fret; expensive housing...

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10 Most Affordable Places to Live in Florida

With a mild climate and lots of fun in the sun all year long, Florida is one state that's seen lots of growth. Sunny, pleasant Florida not only offers plenty of opportunities to get outside. This is also one of the nation's most affordable states. Housing costs are...

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