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In Case You Missed It: Week of 11/06/17

This was an important week for the housing industry. Read on to catch the highlights: The White House’s Tax Plan and the Housing Market The cost of owning a home could increase if this new tax plan called, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, takes effect. Here are details you need...

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Home Loan Payment Breakdown

Calculate your mortgage payments here PITI (Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance) make up your monthly payments PMI is sometimes required but MPI is always optional. HOA prices increased by 4% from 2005-2015 Purchasing a home can come with a lot of...

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In Case You Missed It: Week of 10/30/17

This was an exciting week for housing news: Q3 saw a 3% rise in GDP, new home sales skyrocketed in September, and mortgage rates remain low. Q3 Saw a Rise in GDP +3% According to an advance estimate, GDP increased by 3% for the 2017 third quarter. What are some...

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