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Described by peers as a “Firestarter” – a person who through passion, tenacity and leadership ignites those same qualities in others. This carries on to be true as a mortgage consultant and professional. I help real estate agents create leverage and increase their O.A.P. (Offer Acceptance Percentage), as well as helping clients understand and succeed in financing their greatest investment.

I grew up in Oklahoma spending the majority of my childhood on a lake. I spent my time exploring the woods, riding motorcycles, fishing and skiing. This ignited my passion for adventure sports, which has been a part of my life ever since. I even ended up in the Guinness Book of World Records as a part of a large Skydiving team. My educational background is in computer science and mathematics, but not too long after college I was introduced to the mortgage world and fell in love with it.

What sets me apart is love and that I care. It is amazing the difference this can make and the possibilities it creates!!

I want you to know everything you would like to know along the journey to new home ownership or the restructuring of your current mortgage and overall debt. Some clients would like to be educated along the way and be in the know with all that’s going on. Some clients prefer not to stress on any of that and that’s okay too. I educate myself daily on what’s going on in the markets, the products available to our clients and the best way to serve you. So, I will cater the communication and amount of information I provide to what you prefer. At the end of the day, just know that I’ve got your back, and I will get the job done. It is truly an honor to serve my clients and build lifelong relationships fulfilling a necessary role in their greatest investment…their home.

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Ines K.


Being a Residential Real Estate Agent and observing my clients in their under-contract mortgage process, I witnessed how important it is to find a really good and reliable Mortgage company. Excellent, Efficient, and Exemplary professional, I don't hesitate to recommend him to my client buyers, whenever they request to introduce someone they can trust. I highly recommend this already highly sought professional.


Date Posted: May-26-2022

Kathlene M.


My refinance went so smoothly, and so quickly. There was no stress at all. Just an overall easy process! Sean & team just made it such a pleasant experience, if/when the need arises again, Sean will be the go to person without a doubt! Thank you!!


Date Posted: May-24-2022

Ryan H.


Excellent communication and transparency.


Date Posted: May-20-2022

Hannah H.


Sean was always available to answer our questions and elevate our concerns. Everything was timely and clear.


Date Posted: May-12-2022

Ashley W.

Moscow Mills, MO

Buying a home can be stressful especially for your first time but Sean made sure to answer all questions we had and really walk through everything with us. Some minor things came at closing but he did everything he could to make sure we were able to close on time. I will recommend him to all my friends!


Date Posted: May-08-2022

Justin R.

Weldon Spring, MO

Sean stepped in and made the deal happen without any hiccups.


Date Posted: May-04-2022

Tabitha A.

Weldon Spring, MO

Quick with all responses and made the experience easy and straight forward.


Date Posted: May-03-2022

Holly G.


If anyone can close the deal, Sean Hutto can. I love working with Sean and trust him with my clients


Date Posted: Apr-21-2022

Tabitha B A.

Weldon Spring, MO

The team members have been prompt and helpful in assisting me with this loan process.


Date Posted: Apr-19-2022

Kathy W.


Knowledge and communication


Date Posted: Apr-14-2022

Raymond F N.


Everything has went smoothly


Date Posted: Apr-13-2022

Tim C.


Great communication is key along with looking out for the clients best interest as the process moves along.


Date Posted: Apr-06-2022