Relocating is a stressful situation in and of itself, and moving cities – or even entire states – can be even more so. If you find yourself stressed over a job relocation, take solace in knowing there is plenty for you to do to make things less mentally and emotionally taxing. Need some ways to help make your big move easier? We have some tips you might find valuable.

Keep Things in Order

Much of the stress that comes with any move – not just one for a new job – comes from organizing the process. Finding a home is inherently an anxiety-inducing situation. Potentially having to find one in an entirely different state? That’s a whole other monster. Keep on top of everything you need to do to make the move, using to-do lists, checklists or whatever else you find helpful. Our complete home buying checklist might take some of the confusion out of things and help you streamline your move.

Figure out what your costs will be once you’ve completed your move. Every city in the U.S. has a different cost of living – some drastically dissimilar, even. While your job may account for these variances in your pay, you should still research and plan for cost changes as necessary.

Ask About Relocation Assistance

Plenty of large companies offer financial benefits, including those related to covering moving expenses and closing costs. Many people are hesitant to ask about relocation assistance from their job the same way they may be hesitant to negotiate a job offer. Those with these hang ups may fear looking greedy, but ultimately, their fears come down to one thing: whether their office says “yes” or “no.” Simply asking cannot hurt and the worst thing that can happen is being told relocation assistance isn’t a perk your company provides. In the end, though, refusing to ask out of fear is only going to result in potentially significant additional stress for you, especially if money is already an issue.

Build a Support Network 

In the same way you’d network for a job, networking for friends can ease the pain of relocating. Use people you already know to meet new ones in whatever city you’re moving to. Online services can also serve your interests here, as there are plenty of social networks built around finding contacts in new areas. You may also try leveraging your company, as they may offer clubs or groups to help you meet others. The quicker you’re able to establish a social support network in your new area, the quicker you’ll feel comfortable and at home.

Know the City Before You Get There 

Don’t go into your new city completely blind. Before you arrive, be sure to research things like the fastest means to your new place of work, whether it be through public transportation or a short route. After all, you don’t want to be late for your first day. It’s also wise to become familiar with neighborhood basics like restaurants, supermarkets, laundromats and other shopping centers. If you have a family, you should also research schools in the area, as well as healthcare providers – although that’s wise to do even if you don’t have a family.

Slow Down and Take Things a Step at a Time 

After you’ve made the move and have settled in, there will likely be a period of homesickness as you become accustomed to your new life. Even if you’ve followed all the above tips, it’ll take some time to establish familiarity in your new surroundings. Just take things one day at a time. Try to establish some sort of routine in your daily life to take your mind off the move. In no time at all, you’ll start feeling right at home again and will be well on your way to a successful and fulfilling life at work. .