Holiday Decorating Ideas for 2016 to get you in the Spirit of the Season!

With December just around the corner, it might be time to start thinking about how you’re going to prepare your house for the season. From Ramadan to Hanukkah, Christmas and more, there’s plenty to celebrate as winter rears its head. When it comes to decorating, most people stop at Christmas trees, menorahs, stockings and other traditional holiday items. However, there’s no need to end things there. Need a little inspiration? Take a look at some of our tips and ideas for bringing a little extra holiday spirit to your home.

Ornament Displays

If you have any spare, rounded, vintage ornaments taking up space, there’s no need to throw them out! Grab a serving bowl or, even better, a cake stand and place your ornaments inside on a bed of leaves. Preferably, these leaves should be decorative (and not real) to deter the mess that comes when they dry out. The result should make for both a simple and eye-catching centerpiece—great for any home.

Don’t have a disposable serving bowl? Group and hang your rounded ornaments from the ceiling to create a quirky, festive chandelier, or spread them out and use them to color-up your stairway banister. Use colored or even glittery ribbon to create an even stronger holiday air. Even something as simple as tying big, silver bells to your front doorknob can help add some flair.


Bring the warmth and scent of the forest into your home by draping greenery around doorways and windows. This simple technique helps create an inviting atmosphere that proves perfect when entertaining family and friends.

White Lights

Twining white lights around your furniture, doorways, windows and/or walls can help turn any room into a wonderland. Transform your front door into an enchanting entryway, or dress up your upright standing houseplants by transforming them into tall, twinkling trees. Winding them around the face of your fireplace can make your room especially magical.

DIY Winter Displays

If you have kids, you can invite them to take part in creating some fun decorations for you. Have them accompany you to collect pine cones, leaves and acorns (either outside or at the store), then group them together on a serving plate or some other display and frost them for a quaint, wintry scene. Additional items you could include range from bubble glass balls to tea lights and candles.

Stacks of Logs

Design yourself a crate to spruce up the outside of your fireplace while keeping your home’s decor true to the heart of the holiday season. Arrange pine branches around loose logs inside a wood crate. If you celebrate Christmas, decorate the branches with white or colorful Christmas lights. Feeling especially festive? Consider hanging candy canes or other items fit just for the holidays.


Deck the halls and complement your Christmas tree with a do-it-yourself twist on the traditional wreath. Ditch the common evergreen and opt for a homemade wreath made from citrus fruits or other items. For the fruits, use a piece of florist’s foam to nail down the structure of the wreath. Next, use florist’s picks to stick larger fruits, like grapefruits and oranges, to the wreath first. Then, move on to smaller items, like limes, clementines, and tangerines.

Looking for a DIY wreath design that’s a little less colorful? Try the same technique as above, but use pine cones and leaves instead of food. With the touch of white spray paint, you can easily create a piece to help your home decor suggest a snow-draped, wintry forest. If that isn’t your style, you might want to toss the paint can and grab some extra ornaments to hang around it. Whether your picks are colorful or mono-colored, the resulting wreath will be undeniably festive.

Stemware Flair

Entertaining for the holidays? Try this idea: Tie leftover ribbon around the stems of your wine or champagne glasses. Not only will these decorations help improve the look of your dinner table (next to the delicious food you prepared, of course), but they can also help house guests keep track of which drink is theirs.

Tropical Christmas Tree

Try something a bit different this Christmas with your tree. While you’ve probably jumped for trees of the pine variety in the past, this year, consider adding some palm fronds and oyster shells to add some island inspiration to your home’s interior. Your regular, rounded ornaments will still fit in place, but try adding some beach-themed decorations to really drive things home.

Use Plaid

Red-and-green plaid always suggests feelings of the holidays. Decorate your home with plaid prints — on the wall, as a tablecloth, or anywhere else you may find ripe for it. You may even want to try decorating your staircase banister with some plaid ribbon — if you haven’t already used that real estate for other decor!

Dust and Dangle

Some additional, quick-and-easy techniques to boost the holiday atmosphere in your house include dusting items in your home with some fake, DIY frost. Things like fruit, fireplace mantles, and even a Christmas tree can all stand to benefit from a light coat of silver. If you don’t have time for that, you may try hanging things like candy canes and Christmas cards around your home on color-matching ribbons.