Tips and tricks to help improve the environment at home

Our home is arguably one of the most important things we own and as such, should be treated with care.  Unfortunately, we sometimes forget the home we all share – Earth! Our planet gives us everything we need, and in return we should reflect on how we can help our environment improve. Here are a few great activities to thank our planet each and every day. 

Become Informed

Research and review your local recycling guidelines and create a chart for you home on how to recycle different materials. This will guide your household so that each member can properly recycle which in turn will help to reduce waste. If your community does not have a recycling program, contact your local government to see how you can get one started!

Re-Use It

Recycling is a great way to help our Earth’s health; but before you send unwanted items to the bin, see if they can be re-used. You can easily transform old soup cans, glassware, etc. into useful items such as flower pots, storage jars, and candle holders. If you need more help finding inspiration, is a great source for ideas.

You can also look to others to help you re-use. Every few months, grab a large garbage bag and go through your closet. Take out any items that no longer fit or that you haven’t worn in the past year. These can be donated to your local charity, making a difference for both the environment and the members of your community. As a bonus, you will be left with a clean and uncluttered wardrobe.

going green paper house

Reduce Your Home’s Waste Production

Your home is most likely the biggest investment you will make. To save money and help protect that investment, you can look at reducing waste. Electricity can be one of a home’s largest expenses. To lower this cost, make it a habit to unplug any and all non-essential electronics when they are not in use. This is also true for items that no longer need to be charged. This will help you to have both an energy-efficient and cost-friendly home.

Another awesome way to help reduce waste and unnecessary spending is to “power shower.” Cue up a few of your favorite songs and get to showering! This will help you to measure the length of you shower so that you don’t stay in there too long. And it is a fun way to get clean.

Make A Difference

You can be a force for change in your local neighborhood and community. Start by planting a tree and/or garden at home. Once you have given your green thumb a try, reach out to your Home Owners Association (HOA) or local parks to assist in planting more trees and flowers in your area. Not only will you be improving your community’s overall air quality, you will be making it a beautiful place to live.

Now go out and make a difference! Make sure to get your family and friends involved and, most importantly, have fun doing it together.