Handsome Walls: Our inside term for those enclosures that separate gated communities from the outside world.

Many meanings apply to the term “home.” In its most common context, it implies a residential building of some sort.  Even this meaning varies from person to person. Anything from a 1000-square-foot apartment to a mansion many times that size can be rightly seen as one’s home.

A feeling of homesickness might be felt in regards to a town, state, region, or country as it does to a specific house. How often have we heard words to the effect of, “Texas is my home,” or, “My home will always be San Francisco.”?

It also seems logical that an astronaut walking the lunar surface might regard the earth in its entirety as home, only narrowing down that meaning after reentering the atmosphere.

So what can be understood from this broad interpretation of “home” as an abstract concept? What is more generally associated with the idea of inhabiting a home?

In a word: security.

Being home should carry with it a strong sense of safety, privacy, and stability. That is a common meaning for “home” when is used in its broader sense.

Gated Communities

This brings us to the concept of the gated community.

There are a few criticisms directed towards gated communities. Most of these have to do with economics and wealth inequality. But several practical reasons underlying the desire to live in a gated neighborhood are often ignored by critics.

The presence of a gate is intended to reduce the likelihood of passing commuters or joyriders speeding through a neighborhood street. That on its own yields a safer pedestrian environment.

Also, criminal activity is less likely to occur in a development where access is limited to residents and their guests. Vagrants and thieves tend to shy away from gates, particularly those manned by professional security guards.

Lastly, property values benefit from this development style. First, the community management often cares for the exterior, including the roof, greens, and pavement; second, residents tend to invest more into overall upkeep.

In closing, there are questions worth exploring on the topic of gated communities and their impact on their surrounding city.  There are also many reasons for preferring gated community living. The traffic control alone is enough to place many minds at ease.  There are generally safer circumstances associated with any restricted access community. If a feeling of security is part of your idea of home, consider exploring a few gated communities.

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