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Jessica Sems

Business Development Manager

About Me

I’ve always been a people person. If someone were to ask me where I see myself in five or ten years, it would be helping people-a little cliché, but it is what I love to do! Understanding the fine nuances of working with people from different backgrounds and cultures is something I am passionate about, a plus is that it is key to my success at On Q Financial.

I provide comprehensive workforce solutions that match the needs and goals of my clients and candidates. My BA in psychology is the foundation of my ability to work with all types of people. I strive to provide a client experience that is more consultative than transactional. I strive to provide a candidate experience that is transparent and avoids the “black hole” of communication. It is a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together and my match making skills have provided me with that opportunity!

Jessica Sems

5445 Legacy Dr #170, Plano, TX 75024


“The Business Development Team here at On Q Financial is Top Notch! They work with you on opening doors to new prospects and help grow your team the way you want to grow. Consistency is key in this market and having a team that has your back makes a world of difference!”

– Jake Fair, Area & Sales Manager