Top 43 Personal Finance Blogs to Follow (Updated 2017)

We’re mid-way through a new year and it’s a great time to review your personal finances and your personal finance goals for the year.

To help, we’ve scoured the internet looking at hundreds of blogs that specialize in personal finance, saving money, budget hacking and more – all to bring you the best 43 personal finance blogs you should follow to keep on track with your personal finance goals (or to get your personal finances in order).

The 43 best personal finance blogs we’ve ranked are scored based on their monthly readership, social media audience, and a few other key metrics.

Here’s the list:

The 43 Best Personal Finance Blogs To Follow

wdt_ID Blog Name Site URL Readership Facebook Audience Twitter Audience Score
1 The Penny Hoarder 9,100,000 5,382,000+ 28,800+ 9.6
2 Kiplinger 3,490,000 72,000+ 47,800+ 9.5
3 Bigger Pockets 2,810,000 81,600+ 29,300+ 9.4
4 The Simple Dollar 2,850,000 47,000+ 12,400+ 9.2
5 Wise Bread 2,170,000 62,000+ 63,200+ 8.6
6 Money Talks News 1,600,000 123,000+ 12,300+ 8.5
7 I Will Teach You To Be Rich 990,000 114,000+ 132,000+ 8.1
8 Money Crashers 1,940,000 21,700+ 32,700+ 8.5
9 Good Financial Cents 700,000 16,000+ 32,100+ 7.6
10 Money Under 30 840,000 19,100+ 14,000+ 7.5


The Data Used in The List

Here’s a quick breakdown of the data we’re showing in the list above as well as how we found that data:

Estimated Readership:

The estimated readership is based on data provided by SimilarWeb. The number itself comes from the monthly visits SimilarWeb estimates visit a website. We chose to use this data versus Alexa’s data because there’s a higher correlation to SimilarWeb’s data being accurate versus Alexa.

Facebook Audience:

We just looked at the Facebook link provided on each blog and looked at the total audience size. 

Twitter Audience:

We just looked at the Twitter link provided on each blog and looked at the total audience size.


Our score is made up of a weighted formula taking into account social audience size and readership size. The social audience size carries a 20% weighting in terms of influence in the score versus the readership, which carries a 80% weighting.


Why Isn’t My Blog Listed?!

We took into account personal finance blogs our team reads as well as blogs that have some notoriety among personal finance communities. If your blog isn’t listed but you think it should be, send us an email and we’ll take a look!