Once you’ve moved into your new house in, unloaded your boxes, unpacked most of your belongings, and started setting into your beautiful new home, what’s next? Follow this helpful checklist of things to address as soon as you are settled:

Close up of a welcome mat in front of an inviting house

  1. Give yourself time to adjust to the expenses of home ownership and don’t over-spend on furniture and remodeling right away.
  2. Address imperative maintenance problems right away; don’t neglect them if they could get worse over time.
  3. Don’t try to save on hiring contractors by doing the repairs yourself, unless you’re fully qualified to make them.
  4. Hire an accountant to help with your tax returns- trust me, it will help in maximizing your refund.
  5. When taking on home improvements, make sure to keep receipts of all your purchases- this can come in handy with the resale value of your home and maximizing your tax-free earnings.
  6. Don’t treat repairs and improvements equally. Unfortunately, they are weighted differently when determining your home’s basis.
  7. Make sure you’re properly insured in all ways, as they are all intermingled.

Don’t forget that I want to continue to be a resource for any of your home ownership needs, even after we have closed your loan.

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