The 12 Most Iconic Holiday Homes Ranked

No matter if you’re 1 or 92, these films are probably part of your family’s holiday traditions. Films such as Miracle on 34th Street, The Holiday, and Home Alone have captivated audiences for their portrayal of the meaning behind the holiday season, but so have the homes.

We’ve ranked these holiday homes from least to most recognizable in a crowded suburb on Christmas morning. Take a look and see if your holiday favorite made the list.

Deck the Halls

The family film, Deck the Halls, featured two neighboring families warring over the best Christmas decorations on their block. Spoiler Alert: the Hall House wins the war in the movie and our book because, in the end, you can see their Christmas decorations from space!

Miracle on 34th Street

A holiday staple since 1947, Miracle on 34th Street tells the story of a Macy’s employee in charge of the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, but the Santa they’ve hired can’t fulfill his duties. She finds a festive Santa look-alike, but he claims he’s the real Kris Kringle. The beautiful story tells of believing in the holiday season, and Doris’s dream home is a beautiful ending only Kris Kringle could deliver.

Meet Me in St. Louis

A classic 1940s MGM musical, Meet Me in St. Louis tells the story of the Smith Family in the year leading up to the 1904 World’s Fair in, you guessed it, St. Louis. Focusing on the trials and tribulations of growing up and falling in love, the story is set almost entirely in the Smith’s Victorian mansion, until Mr. Smith announces that the family will be moving to New York. Do they leave their glorious Victorian mansion behind? No spoilers here.


A Christmas Story

Ralphie only wants one thing for Christmas: a red BB gun. He asks his mom, his English teacher, and even Santa for this BB gun, and they all respond the same way saying, “No, you’ll shoot your eye out.” Ralphie just wants to help catch bad guys, and he fears that every other kid in the world is getting what they asked for and he won’t.  Ralphie sets out to show the world that his treasured “Red Ryder Range BB gun is indeed the perfect Christmas gift.

It’s a Wonderful Life

The 1946 holiday film, It’s a Wonderful Life, is a timeless classic. The story has stayed relevant for its depiction of community and the impact one man has made on his family. A frustrated and broken businessman tries to kill himself, but his guardian angel comes down to show him what life would have been like if he hadn’t been born.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Every holiday needs a lot of humor and Christmas Vacation does just that. After multiple failed vacations, the Griswold clan plans on celebrating the holidays with their family. The house is COVERED in lights, the tree is too big for the living room, and everything is set for what they think will be a great Christmas, but in classic Griswold style, nothing goes as planned. It’s a hilarious take on the meaning of the holiday season.

White Christmas

White Christmas is not only a song for desired weather outcome, but a memorable 1954 musical centered on saving an inn, close enough to a home. Enjoy this classic as Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye two veterans turned famous performers meet Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen sisters on their way to Christmas perform at the inn. The boys’ World War II General happens to be the owner. The foursome achieves a yuletide miracle when they put on a show that saves the inn.


The Holiday

The movie centers on two women, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, tired of their relationships and personal lives who switch homes. One’s a mansion in Los Angeles and the other a quaint, beautiful cottage in England. However, Kate Winslet’s cottage is the star of the movie. It’s perfectly cozy and the exact idea you have for what an English Cottage in the middle of Christmas should look like. However, our dreams were shattered when we realized that the home was built exclusively for the movie and is not a home. It’s still going on our list, though!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Whoville

Obviously, Whoville isn’t a home, but it’s one of the cutest towns in Holiday movie history.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas is, in my opinion, the best representation of the holiday season.  The town spills over with holiday cheer complete with Who Pudding and rare Roast Beast. The heart of the movie is about the true meaning of the holiday season.


The Family Stone

The Family Stone is one of those Christmas movies you can sit back and watch with the family, and all cry your eyes out. The house and story are both equally amazing, with an incredible cast, including Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams. It embraces the dynamic of a big family, outsiders, and Christmas into a relatable tale for everyone.



If a film about Will Ferrell believing he’s an elf isn’t enough to get you in the holiday spirit, we’re not sure what is. This instant classic is a hilarious comedy about family, but Buddy’s father’s apartment is one of the highlights, especially when Buddy decorates it for Christmas while the family is at work.


Home Alone

The McAllister home has to be one of the most recognizable homes in Holiday films. Kevin McAllister, a boy who can’t be over ten years old, ends up home alone for Christmas while his entire family left on a trip. He’s tormented by a pair of burglars but defends himself with some creative and crafty traps (before Pinterest was around). Home Alone is a classic family Holiday movie and don’t even get us started on the beautiful house.

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