With a mild climate and lots of fun in the sun all year long, Florida is one state that’s seen lots of growth. Sunny, pleasant Florida not only offers plenty of opportunities to get outside. This is also one of the nation’s most affordable states. Housing costs are often much lower than in the rest of the country. Here’s a list of places that are not only affordable but also offer lots of wonderful amenities.

Fort Meade

If you like small town living, Fort Meade is an ideal choice. Located in the middle of the state, Ford Meade is home to just under six thousand people. The typical home sells for about $60,000, making it easy to become a homeowner. Fort Meade is dotted with homes in varied styles from small bungalows to larger mansions for those who need more space.

Live Oak

Convenient Live Oak is located in roughly between Jacksonville and Tallahassee. It’s one of the driest places in Florida with rain less than half the year. This makes it easy for residents to spend time enjoying the wonderful regional weather without worrying about a storm breaking out. This is another charming place for small town living with a population of under seven thousand and easy commute to many nearby places to work.


Starke, Florida’s lovely streets have been home to several movies and television shows over the years. Today, this place is home to a state historical district that harkens back to early Florida settlements. It offers plenty of streets for a lazy stroll on a weekend afternoon. With an average home price of about $87,000, it’s a good place to start a family.


Those searching for a home in the greater Jacksonville will find this one of the most affordable options. Home to several thousand residents, Macclenny lies along the banks of the St. Johns river. Boating, swimming and other water based activities are hugely popular here. A typical home sells for roughly $120,000 well below Florida and national averages.


As a midsized resort town, Bartow is roughly twenty-five miles from Tampa and situated in one of the state’s most booming regions. Pleasant Bartow was named for a civil war commander. Many historic buildings still line the area’s streets. Home prices here hover at just over $100,000. Affordable housing prices make this a desirable place to settle down or relax on pension.


Tiny Mascotte lies a short distance away from many central Florida locations including beaches, amusement parks and bigger cities. Nearly three square miles in size, Mascotte is tidy town with well kept homes and a great deal of community spirit. It’s a popular stopover for snowbirds and year around residents. Median home values are approximately $106,000 and other costs are also well below average.


With median home values of roughly $94,000 Quincy is one of the least expensive places to live in the entire state. Many people come to Quincy for easy access to nearby Tallahassee and the area’s several colleges and universities. In doing so, they give this affordable town a college feel that makes it easy to find something to do any time of the year.


Situated in the Florida panhandle, Perry offers the classic small town Florida experience. Multiple highways cross the city, making it possible to get from one place to the next quickly. With an average home price of $85,000, residents also find it easy to stay in budget and enjoy the backyard of their dreams at the same time.


Located just outside thriving central Florida Gainesville, Newberry makes an ideal alternative for those who want to appreciate all Florida has to offer. Many University of Florida students have chosen to make this their temporary home, making inexpensive housing options extremely plentiful. Newberry is home to about five thousand people who have the opportunity to explore the area’s noted Spanish colonial architecture in low key setting. Home values in this area are only approximately $154,000.


Just north of famous freshwater Lake Okeechobee, the city of Okeechobee is surprisingly affordable. Median home prices are $110,000 below state and national averages. The annual Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival brings thousands of visitors each year to enjoy live performances from famous musical groups around the world. Residents can also enjoy wonderful recreational opportunities, making it even easier to keep all costs very low.